Ron Lindberg became interested in the art of magic in about 1974.  During his High School years he took classes in psychology and was asked to do lectures on the psychology of magic.  While studying psychology he became fascinated with the working mind. This fascination and self study continued though his studies at THE University Wisconsin Oshkosh. He graduated from UWO in 1992 with a BA in education.  After his graduation, he decided to pursue his main love, the art of magic while also using his love of teaching as a substitute teacher for everything from Kindergarden, special needs, and even  High School Physics and Calculus.  He has become a full-time magician and illusionist and travels around the country entertaining kids and adults with his magic shows.  In about 1999, he saw a stage hypnotist perform and his interest in psychology was rekindled. He became friends with Ray Thompson, known to many as the Godfather of hypnosis.  Mr. Thompson, who has trained many hypnotists through the years and who was on the board as an instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists,  agreed to train him.  Ron was a quick study and was soon performing hypnosis shows on a national level as well as his magic and illusion shows.  However he  soon became convinced at the possibilities that hypnosis has of helping people . "I have known many people that want and need help changing some aspect of their lives.  I have known many people that have given up all hope of happiness because some aspect of their life is not right.  Some want to quit smoking, or change their diets.  Some have a broken heart from a failed relationship or loss of a loved one.  The list goes on and on. I felt that if I could convince people during my stage shows to act or feel a certain way, imagine how much I could help them change their lives in a more professional environment." Ron, again turned to Mr Thompson and began studying hypnotherapy.  In August of 2015, Ron attended an intensive weekend of training in Las Vegas and in early December of that same year was certified by the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists.  After much study, and planning, the HYPNOSIS INSTITUTE oF WISCONSIN was launched and his office opened on the 11th floor of the Historic Zuelke Building in downtown Appleton.

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