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A Brief List Of SOME OF Our Services That We Can Help With:

Our weight loss program is 5 sessions.  The 1st session is a free consultation.  Following that session, is a 90 minute deep hypnosis session.  After that are two 30 minute sessions and your final session is about 45 minuets long.  We also offer lifetime follow up sessions, however, we hardly ever have clients that need follow up visits. 

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About our Smoking Cessation and Nicotine Addiction Service:  

We understand how difficult quitting smoking or using chew can be.  We understand how frustrating it is to be tied to those little white pieces of paper and tobacco. We know how you want to spend the estimated $3000 a year that you spend on smoking on something else ( maybe a nice vacation?) and not have to worry about all the health concerns of nicotine.  We know how concerned you are with what smoking is doing to your health.  We have studied under Richard Nongard from Tulsa, who specializes in helping clients stop smoking.  We follow his steps to make sure that when you leave our office, you will leave as a non smoker.  

At your 1st meeting, which is at no charge and lasts about 30 minuets, we talk about your history and your goals.  We can do a quick evaluation to evaluate your potential success. 

At the 2nd meeting (about 60 minuets) you fill out some paperwork to help identify your level of addiction.  After that we do our 1st session of hypnosis.  During this we help you "reprogram" your mind so you will not want or care to smoke again.  During the session we give you some "post hypnotic suggestions" to help lock in that change. NO we DO NOT make you want to become sick if you want to smoke.  We simply take away your DESIRE to smoke. Then after you come out of hypnosis, we give you some homework.  YES homework!!  But it is not too difficult and actually kind of enjoyable. BEST OF ALL YOU WILL LEAVE THAT 1st SESSION AS A NON SMOKER!!

At the 3rd meeting which lasts about 30 minutes, we talk about all your success and how it went.  We answer any questions and concerns and do a quick hypnosis session to help strengthen your resolve.  

At the final 30 minute session, we can address any remaining questions or concerns. Best of all, you can have up to 90 days to come in for this final session. Come in to say hi.  Maybe to get a session to help you relax, or concentrate more.  Maybe a session to address some other issue. Basically it's your chance to use our resources to help you succeed.  We also offer a lifetime of follow up sessions but find that few clients need that.